KIDDIE COURT big fun for little ones

Kids under 46"

Little Air is a fun corner of the Get Air Trampoline Park reserved for kids under 46 inches!

Big fun for little ones

The Kiddie Court still has BIG FUN! Kids can slide or tumble down the vertical trampolines—or just bounce—around without having to watch out for the big kids.

Look at me, mom!

This is where you're likely to hear, "look at me mom!" Get Air encourages parents to watch their kids jump. We even have a space for moms and dads to sit and watch their kids play.

Safety first

It's an important safety rule to note that parents cannot be on the Little Air trampolines with children; that's for the safety of all kids. Also, we do not allow kids under 46 inches to jump on the main court. Get Air always puts safety first in the park!